Posib Tips

A Few Tips For You

If you are trying to sell to Wales or you just want to get your message across, using Welsh will give you the advantage. Bilingual material should be designed and presented with equality in mind. Our clients have avoided many a pitfall by working with us from the very beginning of an idea. Consider this: please = os gwelwch yn dda – just one word in English but four in Welsh. That’s handy to know when thinking of how much space a bilingual publication needs!


Be careful when translating logos and slogans. These can pose a bit of a problem, as can Google Translate. North and South dialects may also cause confusion, especially when “goodness gracious me” can be misinterpreted as “shut up”! Accents are funny things too and not always of the verbal kind. The simple circumflex can mean the difference between a telephone and a stick – make sure you’re using the right one! Idioms are another source of amusement – did you know that in Wales it rains old ladies and sticks rather than cats and dogs?


So what about the art of transcription?  First of all, transcription is not standard audio-typing by any means.  Excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation skills are vital.  It is more than that though. Our transcribers understand how to format verbatim speech so that it is readily understood and easy to search.  They are expert at anonymising transcripts when necessary, so that identities of vulnerable people are kept confidential. They are very hard workers too.  It takes four to five hours to transcribe one hour of audio, and then there’s the proofreading to be done after that.


By outsourcing to Posib, you avoid tying up the time of your valuable staff. You also avoid all the on-costs of direct employment.  Why pay to create new written content? Use us to take content that already exists as the spoken word and transform it into text.  We offer a cost-effective solution for you and for your clients too. There is no need for you to write new content and any off-the-cuff remarks that could otherwise be missed will also be captured


How long does it take to produce a transcript?

  • 1 hour of media recording = 4/5 hours of constant transcribing
Turnaround times:
  • 48 hours if required via our Expedited Service
  • 15 working days usually
  • Even faster if you need your transcript urgently