posib career


We do recruit from time to time. If you are interested in working with us, please do send us your details.

Attention to detail is vital. Translators are expected to have excellent linguistic skills. Transcribers must of course be able to hear and make sense of quiet recordings, some of which may even have interference on them. You need to be able to touch-type and have a thorough knowledge of MS Word. The ability to spell correctly and to punctuate intuitively is also essential. Being able to research effectively and efficiently using the internet is a distinct advantage.

Not all transcription is through the medium of Welsh but you should be able to recognise and spell Welsh names and place names, and to spot when Welsh occurs on recordings, even though you may have to leave that part of a recording for someone else to transcribe. An understanding of Wales and its culture will make it all the easier to work with us, even if you do not happen to speak Welsh. This can be acquired as there are very many courses that we can arrange for you.

Please note that you may be subject to DBS checks and security vetting under the Official Secrets Act 1989. If this poses a problem then please do let us know.