Case Studies

Have a look at what we’ve done and what people think of us:

“Thank you very much, Christine, you are a star!”

A local authority requested an expedited transcript of police evidence. We kept the client informed of progress every step of the way and the client was delighted with our standard of service and speed at which we turned it around.

“This call may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes”

The monitoring in this case turned into a combined Trading Standards operation. We were commissioned to transcribe recordings of telephone calls. Our transcripts were used as evidence to successfully prosecute a rogue company that had used “hard sell” practices on vulnerable people.

“The Queen on the application of the Welsh Language Commissioner v National Savings and InvestmentsI [2014] EWHC 488 (Admin)”

We were commissioned to produce the transcript of the whole trial, which came before Mr Justice Hickinbottom and His Honour Judge Milwyn Jarman in the High Court of Justice in London. The trial was heard through the medium of both Welsh and English and so our specialist bilingual skills came to the fore in this ground breaking case. NS&I had decided not to continue with bilingual publishing, thus ignoring the linguistic needs of Wales and its people. The case went against them and the Welsh Commissioner was delighted with the work that we produced.

Art as a tool in support of the understanding of coastal change in Wales – Marine research report by Professor Robin McInnes and Sarah Benstead, ISBN: 978-1-906410-42-1

This report was published on behalf of The Crown Estate and we were responsible not only for its translation but also for proofreading the final bilingual pdfs. It was a fascinating project where attention to detail was paramount. We learned such a lot about how art can be used to track environmental change and how the coastline of Wales has changed over the centuries.

“Please thank Posib for the excellent quality of the transcript which required minimal amendments.”


“A judgment is really only as good as the transcriber putting the words into a clear structure.  You are an excellent transcriber.”

These comments by members of the judiciary are testament to the accuracy of transcripts produced by Posib. The same dedication is given to all of our work and benefits all of our clients equally.

“… has informed me that you have completed translating/proofing our new website.
Thank you so much from us all in the Web Team.”

A Welsh local authority gave us the task of proof reading their entire website. This involved spotting amendments that had been made to the English text but not to the Welsh text, so we had to read every word in both languages. The new English text had to be translated and then that new Welsh text had to be inserted correctly into the corresponding Welsh article. Any Welsh text that had been incorrectly placed was adjusted, so protecting the integrity of the bilingual design. We used the Council’s CMS system and worked on the back end of the website whilst it was live. This was a huge responsibility and involved over 4,000 pages. This was a project that took several months and required excellent team work with the client. We managed to turn a task that could have been very problematic into a straightforward and less stressful piece of work and our client was delighted.