Posib Directors Dorothy Roberts and Christine Vaughan.

Our History

Posib began life as a partnership in 1997. It was set up as a translation business by Dorothy and Glyn Roberts, providing translation services to local authorities and government institutions.

Dorothy is an affiliate member of Resolution, First for Family Law and Glyn is a full member of Cymdeithas Cyfieithwyr Cymru (the association of Welsh translators and interpreters).

They established Posib with a clear set of values based on sound ethics, aiming at exceeding customer expectations. These values are as evident today as they were in 1997 and underpin how the business engages with its customers. These customers soon spread the word, resulting in a strong portfolio of satisfied clients and the business has flourished.

In 2007, Posib expanded its services to include transcription and was appointed to the Tape Transcription Panel of Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service. Once more, word spread and Posib became known for the quality, speed and accuracy of its work, becoming the leading fully bilingual service for litigants, the legal profession and the judiciary throughout Wales. Posib’s reputation soon spread to England, resulting in an ever widening customer base.

In 2012, Posib began trading as a private limited company. Posib Ltd’s wealth of expertise and knowledge continued to grow with Christine Vaughan becoming a Director in 2014. She brought her own particular set of skills to the table, specialising in finance and transcription. Christine’s astute head for business and practical approach to all matters financial blended remarkably well with Dorothy’s creativity and Glyn’s linguistic talent. Together with Pedr (now retired) and Dafydd (still going strong), the Posib team went from strength to strength and now works with a marvellous team of freelance transcribers and translators who provide invaluable support, expertise and knowledge.

Working from an established base, with a strong reputation for quality, speed and accuracy, together with enviable expertise, Posib Ltd now has a keen eye on the future and is looking forward to new opportunities in transcription and translation.