Posib Services

What we will do for you

You come first

You will receive a transcription service that is secure, confidential, efficient and based on the highest of quality standards.

You will benefit from our years of experience producing audio transcripts for the security services and courts of England and Wales. We have gained a strong reputation throughout England and Wales for our high quality, speed and discretion.

It’s your choice

Specialising in producing verbatim transcripts of audio and DVD recordings, in English as well as in Welsh, we give you two options:

  • Onsite

    We come to you and record your event with our multi-channel recording equipment of evidential quality, which is Police and Criminal Evidence Act compliant. This means that both the recording and the transcript is acceptable for use in legal proceedings.

  • Offsite

    You send your audio or DVD files to us and you get the resulting transcript by email.


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